Michael Ladge

In the world of celebrity wealth management, many inexperienced young athletes, singers, and actors are surrounded by legions of yes-men with hidden personal agendas. These are the clients who need the integrity and good counsel of Mike Ladge.

With more than 20 years of experience, Ladge is skilled at wealth building and establishment of financial security. As a former professional racquetball player, Mike understands the instability that comes with wealth based on celebrity status or athletic prowess. To that end, Ladge will look out for the best interest of his clients and guide them to stable investments that can provide long-term financial gains.

Ladge is currently an Executive Director for Wealth Management and Sports and Entertainment Director. He is proud of his personal and professional philosophies that guide his work. Ladge often tells his clients that it is his job to say the things that clients need to hear, not the things that they enjoy hearing.

To safeguard his clients' wealth, Ladge frequently stresses the facts that those with a limited time in their profession must plan for a secure future, in part by making wise choices in the present. Ladge works diligently to help his clients see a larger picture and a life beyond the fame. He also stresses the critical nature of wise long-term investments. When necessary, Ladge will remind his clients that having money does not mean they must spend all of it.

In his limited free time, Mike still enjoys playing racquetball as well as swimming, yoga, and exercise to maintain overall fitness.


Wealth management requires much more than the ability to crunch numbers and follow future trends. A stable wealth manager must understand the needs of individual clients and foresee any blind spots capable of causing fiscal deficits. Managing clients in the prestigious area of Beverly Hills, California, Mike Ladge has a unique opportunity to stand out as a source of down-to-earth advice and honest assessments in a crowd of self-serving yes-men. Drawing on his personal background as a professional athlete, Mr. Ladge related to his many celebrity clients. He serves musicians, actors, and entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Ladge represents or has represented clients from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and the NHL. Serving clients in this capacity, Ladge offers a unique perspective. He has a relatable past and can touch on the particulars of investing and wealth management for a group of professionals who may not be aware of the precarious nature of their finances. Seeking out the best strategies for wealth building and preservation, Ladge guides his clients through the intricate labyrinth that leads to a secure retirement.

In his spare time, Mike Ladge pursues various areas of health and physical fitness. Additionally, he still enjoys the sport he once played professionally, racquetball, and he sits on the United States Racquetball Association board.


Michael Ladge

Los Angles Magazines Five Star Wealth Manager, Mike Ladge

Michael Ladge, and executive director for wealth management, maintains accounts for high-level captains of industry, professional athletes, and award-winning recording artists. To successfully protect future assets while creating the financial atmosphere these clients expect, Ladge relies on his extensive knowledge of wealth management and his creative ability to offer profitable stability for his clients’ funds. It is easy to see why Los Angeles Magazine would recognize a highly skilled professional like Michael Ladge as a Five Star Wealth Manager. This honor distinguishes financial advisors who, before the investigation process begins, must meet a collection of criteria. These requirements include holding credentials as a registered investment adviser, working in the industry for a minimum of five years, being in good standing with the regulatory commission, and maintaining a high rate of client retention. Once a professional meets the standards for review interviews with their peers, business associates, and clients take place. This is not a simple process; of the 2,357 wealth managers investigated for selection as a Five Star Wealth Manager, only 287 received the honor. Mike Ladge holds consistently high standards, offers clients a wide variety of investment options, and adheres to regulatory and ethical mandates. Additionally, Mr. Ladge has demonstrates his revenue generating ability as well as his skills in client retention. Mike Ladge serves as an example of someone who puts the needs of his clients first and works tirelessly to maintain and grow their wealth.
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