As an Sports and Entertainment Director and Financial Advisor, Michael Ladge devotes his time to assisting business icons, actors, singers, and professional athletes navigate the world of wealth management, often emphasizing long-term investing. As a former professional athlete and coach, this is a challenge that Ladge is uniquely qualified for and greatly relishes.

Ladge’s core belief system revolves around reaching into the lives of these stars and finding ways to improve their financial security and building their wealth. Ladge also advocates moderation in spending as well as developing clients’ understanding of the need to prepare for a day when their talent will not generate the same amount of revenue.

Ladge has the respect of those in his industry, and he serves as Registered Financial Advisor with the National Football League Players’ Association. Additionally, Ladge works closely with Cleveland Brown’s legendary running back, Jim Brown. By advising Brown’s Amer-I-Can Foundation, Ladge is helping build the life skills of the programs’ participants. Through his work with the foundation, Ladge earned respect and the admiration of Mr. Brown, who went so far as to call Ladge a “tremendous athlete” high praise, indeed.

Ladge’s excellent work ethic stems, in part, from growing up in the Boston, Massachusetts area, where he saw diligent, hard work modeled. After leaving the Boston area, Ladge earned his B. S. in finance and statistics from Syracuse University and his MBA from the Anderson School at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Ledge enjoys maintaining his fitness through yoga, swimming, and racquetball. He presently resides in Bel Air California.

As a Beverly Hills wealth manager, Mike Ladge frequently spends time with a clientele used to fame and recognition. Some of these clients may not be aware that Mr. Ladge has notoriety also. In addition to receiving the prestigious Five Star Wealth manager distinction, Ladge received Worth Magazine recognition for four consecutive years as one of its Top 100 Wealth Managers. Eligibility for these distinctions hinges on character, client retention, and business savvy. Mike Ladge excels in these as well as many other pertinent facets of the wealth management business. As opposed to numerous wealth managers, Ladge prefers to give his clients the advice that they need to hear in order to help ensure their financial growth and success.

Michael Ladge earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and statistics from Syracuse University in 1986. He went on to complete his MBA at the Anderson School of Management at UCLA in 1996. Ladge built his career in wealth management on his own personal experiences as a professional athlete, gaining a unique perspective on the continually shifting financial landscape of a career dependent on so many extraneous factors. His clientele benefits significantly from the wealth of wisdom Mike Ladge provides.